DECO DRIVE: Honey Bee Doughnuts

There is a hole lot of sweetness at Deco Drive. I am talking about the people and our love of dessert. Deco found a spot that is where you want to be. Check out Honey Bee Doughnuts. Things just got sweeter in South Miami. The buzz is about Honey Bee Doughnuts. Karen Muirhead: “Honey Bee […]

MIAMI CURATED: HoneyBee Doughnuts

Without a doubt donuts are the new cupcakes. It seems like every part of Miami-Dade has its own claim to fame in donut-land. The latest entry is Honeybee Doughnuts,  in Pinecrest, the creation of Karen Muirhead who used to be in the corporate world and then pursued her passion, baking. Though open just a short […]

SOMI MAGAZINE: What’s New In Town – June/July 2016

BY SOMI MAGAZINE PUBLISHER ON JUNE 7, 2016JUNE/JULY 2016, NEWS, TOPICS, VOLUME XI, WHATS NEW IN TOWN On May 7th there was a stream of “OMG!” “OMG!” text messages coming from 74 Street & Red Road, as customers lined up outside of the new Honey Bee Donuts shop.  It’s here that Karen Muirhead, a/k/a, “H.B.” […]

LIKE LITERARY: Honeybee Doughnuts Review

There has been an eruption of doughnuteries in Miami; people are just crazy for them. Although Mojo Donuts has been around for years in Broward County, the love has spread recently with the opening of The Salty Donut and various other bakeries carrying their own doughnut specialties. And now one more. Wednesday, May 11th was […]

MIAMI HERALD: South Miami’s Honeybee Doughnuts a dream 10 years in the baking

Karen Muirhead wrote on a scrap piece of paper three goals she wanted to accomplish. One of them was owning her own bakery. She recently found the decade-old rumpled note inside a book, days before opening Honeybee Doughnuts in South Miami. “I had totally forgotten about that list,” Muirhead said. “It was definitely a moment in […]

MIAMI NEW TIMES: Honeybee Brings Handcrafted Doughnuts to South Miami

Hidden inside a strip mall in South Miami is a small bright-yellow doughnut shop named Honeybee. Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 7, it will officially open its doors and offer craft homemade doughnuts with love. Founder/visionary Karen Muirhead, who left the corporate world to pursue her dream of opening a doughnut shop, says her heart was always in a […]

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