DECO DRIVE: Honey Bee Doughnuts

There is a hole lot of sweetness at Deco Drive. I am talking about the people and our love of dessert. Deco found a spot that is where you want to be. Check out Honey Bee Doughnuts.

Things just got sweeter in South Miami.

The buzz is about Honey Bee Doughnuts.

Karen Muirhead: “Honey Bee Doughnuts is an artisan doughnut shop in South Miami, where we have fresh doughnuts made daily and we have several batches a day to ensure every customer that comes in gets a fresh doughnut.”

At Honey Bee, it’s all about that base … the doughnut base. These round treats are made from an old family recipe.

Karen Muirhead: “We have a brioche based doughnut and I would say it’s like a canvas. It’s pretty neutral.”

Some of the flavors rotate, but what will always stay the same is the TLC Honey Bee gives their light and fluffy doughnuts.

Karen Muirhead: “We have our staples, we have every day and we flavors that are seasonal and we have flavors we only have a certain times during the week.”

From fun flavors like Fruity Pebbles and happy birthday with sprinkles to twists on the classics.

Check out the guava with cream cheese.

Karen Muirhead: “It’s like a softer version of a pastelito. It has our guava compote and cream cheese.”

The s’mores is topped with roasted marshmallows … and then there’s the Oreo.

Karen Muirhead: “The Oreo doughnut is a brioche doughnut with butter cream. We make from scratch that has Oreo topped with Oreos and then more Oreos, so you are going to get an Oreo explosion pretty much.”

And with a name like Honey Bee, you know there had to be a honey doughnut too.

Karen Muirhead: “The Honey Bee Doughnut is a brioche doughnut with a combo of caramel and honey and toped with signature bee.”

Jacob Brown: “It’s very sweet, but subtle. You can taste the honey, but you can still taste that it’s a doughnut.”

They’re even making trendy doughnuts. You’ll find Pokémon here, along with some emojis.

At Honey Bee, it’s always time to make the doughnuts and it’s always time to eat them.

Honey Bee Doughnuts also has pop-ups at three Spris Pizza locations this week.


Honey Bee Doughnuts
7388 Red Road
South Miami, FL 33143

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